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I. Data Controller

President Management Ltd.

Seat: 1054 Budapest, Hold str. 5.

Co. Reg. No.: 01-10-041120

registered by the Registry Court of the Budapest Tribunal

Tax No.: 25316773-2-41

Phone number: 06/1-510-3400

(hereinafter: „Company” )

The Company respects the personal rights of its Guests, hence it prepared this Data Protection Guide (hereinafter: Guide), which is available in electronic format at the Company's website as well as in print format in each hotel.

The Company, as data controller, hereby states that it observes the provisions of Act 112 of 2011 (hereinafter: "Data Protection Act") on the rights for information management and freedom of information.

This Guide provides a general overview on how the Company manages data in the course of its services. Due to the wide range of Guests' demands, the manner of data management may occasionally vary from what is described in this Guide. Such variance may occur upon the request by the Guest, and the Company shall inform the Guest about the particular manner in advance. The Company shall provide information about any data management not described in this guide prior to the particular data management process.

The Company shall only manage personal data for pre-determined purposes, for the necessary period of time and in order to exercise its rights and fulfil obligations. The Company shall only manage such personal data that are indispensable and suitable for fulfilling the objective of the particular data management activity.

Legal statements containing the agreement of minors under sixteen years of age shall not be valid unless agreed or subsequently approved by the statutory guardian of such minors.

If the Company uses the received data for any other purpose than the original purpose of data collection, the Company shall inform the data subjects in each case and ask for their specific, prior consent and/or shall provide an opportunity for them to disallow such usage.

Personal data communicated to the Company during the data management process shall only be disclosed to such persons contracted or employed by the Company entrusted with duties in relation to the given data management process.


1054 Budapest, Hold u. 3-5.

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